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My proposed courses, seminars and workshops

Personality Type
Manager's Self-Awareness using Personality Type
Golden Profiler Of Personality – Qualifying workshop: similar to MBTI now available also in the Czech language
Personality Type and Conflict
Personality Type and Selling High Value-Added Products
Personality Type and Teamwork
Type and Communication

The Art of Communication
Principled Negotiation and Conflict Resolution using Transaction Analysis as a Preventive Tool
How to Communicate Unpleasant News
Leading Difficult Conversations

Executive Leadership
The Mystery of Human Motivation and Myth About What Drives Us in the First Place – a Guided Voyage Right to the Core of the Phenomenon
Leadership – Why Should Anyone Be Lead by You?
What is Sirtuational Leadership Offering Us?
Emotionallly Intelligent Leadership

Working Together in Teams: Their Types, Dynamics, Developmental Stages, Team Roles, and When to Use Them and When Not
Teams and Groups – What Do We Need Them For?
Group Decision-Making and Problem-Solving
Managing Meetings – 6 Hats Method

Organization Development

Organization Design and Structures - Developing a Competetitive Company and Overcoming Growing Pains

Power and Influence in Organizations – How to Make a Good Thing Happen

Strategic Management

Managerial Skills
How to Get Your Point across - Presentation Skills
Organizational Change
Introduction to Management - Managerial Roles
Managing Across Cultures

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